Contra Culture

September 27-29 2013

We invited dancers, callers and musicians from around the Midwest to join participants from the tri-communities [Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Sandhill Farm and Red Earth Farms] to practice and celebrate gender-free contra dancing.  As intentional communities focused on sustainable living, we believe that an important part of a sustainable human culture is to have fun – and dance is a big part of that!

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“Contra Culture” is a unique blend of Ecovillage and Contra Dance community cultures.

  • Contra Culture features Contra dances, classes, and a taste of ecovillage life. In true community style, everyone is asked to contribute an hour of their time to making the event happen, whether as a caller, musician, dish washer or snack maker. (Further contributions as callers, musicians and workers are compensated and/or receives free admission.)
  • Participants have the opportunity to tour Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, meet residents, and get their hands dirty on gardening and building projects. Our class offering includes experiential workshops on topics such as organic gardening, permaculture, natural building, and living in community.
  • Dancing Rabbit is a feminist community that encourages people to pursue their interests regardless of their biological gender. We emphasize gender-free calling and encouraged everyone to dance in both roles.
  • Dancers eat organic, wholesome, homemade food and most camp onsite. (Information about onsite rentable housing, area motels and restaurants is also available.) All activities take place on site at the ecovillage.

The first hour of the Friday night dance is family hour, where all levels, including children, are welcome.

FAQ | Schedule |  Callers and Bands