Casa de Cultura

Big dipper over La Casa during Off Grid Blues 2012

Dance Rabbit Dance events take place in La Casa de Cultura.  La Casa is a green building that uses solar electricity and has a hardwood floor made from locally harvested hickory and walnut.

It offers ~650 square feet of movement/classroom space, a small stage, a full sound system,  a projector and screen, a deck, excellent ventilation and a wall-sized mirror.

It is generally rented by the community and a co-op, but it is available for special events at $9.50/hour or $95/day.

Special thanks to the following folks who made donations of equipment to La Casa:

  • Challenge Day: sound equipment
  • Skyhouse: sound equipment
  • Ondrej Sramek: sound equipment
  • Jacob Gruber: movie screen
  • Allison Gee: singing bowl
  • Sandy Griffith: signage